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Spacious and creatively designed apartment in New York

Elegance, industrial style and retromodern aesthetics are found in this spacious, exciting interior of this apartment located in Williamsburg. The spacious loft with a luxurious chandelier hanging along the old old-fashioned industrial pipes was...


Current – a table that generates electricity

The table Current is a piece of furniture that functions as a source of electricity. Designed with accurate precision and good research and study of science and chemistry, the table represents a revolutionary product...


Harmonious Mediterranean house in Ibiza

The enjoyment in warm summers amidst the Mediterranean nature is subtly reflected in the interior of the summer house Little House in Campo in Ibiza. The architectural studio “Standard Studio”, which designed the interior...


A modern house on water in Copenhagen

Living on water is not so unusual in Copenhagen. Walking around the city, along the canals, there are often small boats transformed into comfortable houses. An example of this is the modern water house...


Comfortable studio of 42 square meters

A range of bright gray shades accentuated by bold yellow and pastel blue tones prevails in this studio with an area of ​​42 square meters in the Russian city of Lyubertsy. The small apartment...

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