Stairway Railing Ideas

Wooden Stairway Railing Ideas

Stairway railings not only provide safety but also give visual presence and add character to your staircase. There are a variety of railing designs you can choose to suit your interior decoration. Wrong railing can ruin your interiors while good railing designs can make your average interior look great.

Wooden Stairway Railing Ideas

1. Wrought Iron Railings : If your are looking for an old-fashioned look, wrought iron railing or simply Iron handrails are better choice. Iron handrails are very strong and durable.

Iron Stairway Railing Ideas

2. Wooden Railings: There are two types of wooden railings. The first one is iron railing with wooden handrails. This is very similar to wrought iron railing except it has wooden handrails. The second one is all wooden railing. The wooden railings give you the flexibility of painting and staining the wood as you like.

Wooden Stairway Railing Ideas

3. Glass Railings: Glass railings are very modern and elegant. Not as strong as iron or wooden railing, the glass railings give a clean and minimalist look to your staircase. Normally the glass railings will have either steel or wooden handrails.

Glass Stairway Railing Ideas

4. Stainless Steel Railings: Similar to Wrought iron railings, the stainless steel or SS railings are very strong and durable but they come in only one finish. Compared to iron railings, the SS railings look clean and modern.

Steel Stairway Railing Ideas