Monthly Archive: December 2012

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Cabin Vardehaugen by Fantastic Norway

Oslo-based practice Fantastic Norway AS have designed a coastal cabin on Vardehaugen, an outcrop by the mouth of the fjord at Grøttingen on the Fosen peninsula. The cabin is situated 35 meters above the...

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House at Goleen by Niall McLaughlin Architects

London-based practice Niall McLaughlin Architects have designed the House at Goleen. According to the architects, “This house is set in a landscape of exceptional natural beauty. The linear pavilions step down the 1.6m fall...

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Café Melba by Designphase dba

Singapore-based studio Designphase dba have designed the Café Melba in Singapore. Located in a lush green field, under tall and ancient shade trees, the café beckons with aromas of wholesome cooking, coffee and the...

Doble Desk by Studio 06 0

Doble Desk by Studio 06

Italian design firm Studio 06 has created the Doble Desk. The sleek and clean work desk is made of glass, polymer and steel. The table top has two layers with gap between them where...

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The Shoffice by Platform 5 Architects

UK-based practice Platform 5 Architects have designed the Shoffice, a garden pavilion cum small office located in the rear of a 1950’s terraced house in St John’s Wood, London. According to the architects, “The...

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NeighBirds by Andreu Carulla

NeighBirds is a modular birds’ nest created by Spain-based designer Andreu Carulla for UTOOPIC. The birds’ nest can be easily installed in either wild or urban environments. It can be hanged onto a branch,...

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Pole Chair by Paul Nederend

Designer Paul Nederend has created the Pole Chair in collaboration with Dutch design company Odesi. Traditional wood working techniques are used to create the chair’s oak wood frame. Here is a description from the...

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The Villa by Daniel Libeskind

New York-based architect Daniel Libeskind has designed the Libeskind Villa. It is a 2 floor (with full basement), 4 bedroom signature series home that can be constructed anywhere in the world. Following is a...

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House kn by Kochi Architect’s Studio

Tokyo-based practice Kochi Architect’s Studio have designed the House kn. The two-story urban family house is located in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. The unique feature of the house is a big void that connects the...

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Cubed Bed by Francesca Paduano for Bolzan Letti

Italian designer Francesca Paduano has created the Cubed bed in collaboration with Italian furniture brand Bolzan Letti. The bed originates from the assembling of units made from the extrusion of cubes along a curve....

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Pelleossa Chair by Francesco Faccin

Italian designer Francesco Faccin has created the Pelleossa chair in collaboration with Miniforms. The simple and minimal design is inspired by the natural reduction of the skeletal system. The name Pelleossa literally translates to...

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Tripod Stool by Eunjin Jung

South Korean designer Eunjin Jung has created the Tripod Stool. The simple and elegant seating unit is handcrafted in wood. Image Courtesy: Eunjin Jung