Some Great Tips to Decorate Your Office Space

Some Great Tips to Decorate Your Office Space

Decorating your office is all about the way you want your clients and staff to perceive your business. Your office decor builds the image of your business, and you have a chance to create that perfect first impression with the right furnishings and interior design.

If your business falls in the staid category, for instance if you are a lawyer, your company’s CEO or an accountant, your office decor must reflect professionalism. Contrarily, your office design could use vibrant colours and artistic appeal if you are a web designer, animation expert, advertisement director or a photographer. The key is to stay focused on the end result; the image that you would like to project to your visitors and associates.

Some Great Tips to Decorate Your Office Space

So, how do you go about getting your office decor right? Let’s talk about it in detail.

1. Colour scheme

Colour scheme is one of the most important aspects of office decor and the right one to begin with. Neutral shades like crèmes, beige, white, tan or fawn, are a perfect choice in order to create a professional milieu, while motley of brighter hues would be a great idea for other environments, such as art studios or kids’ activity centres.

2. Office Furniture

Purchasing furniture is definitely not about going on a shopping spree and buying whatever you like. Considerable amount of thought must go into planning the type of office furniture that will suit your work environment the best.

Mahogany and woods in dark hues represent professionalism. Whereas, stainless steel and light coloured woods, like pine or maple, suit a reception area or classrooms.

3. Ergonomics

Sitting in office chairs in the same position for extended duration causes several health issues such as headache, back and shoulder pain, sciatica, carpel tunnel, neck pain and even lasting poor posture. Hence, it is imperative that you select comfortable and flexible ergonomic furniture, especially chairs, for your employees. This will not only result in a healthier work environment, but enhanced levels of productivity for your business.

 4. Storage

Hire a good office interior designer for optimum utilisation of available office space as storage. Choosing office furniture that doubles up as storage is a great idea. Do not forget to buy a credenza, bookshelf and a small conference table, as it is important to store and display books conveniently.

5. Beautify Your Office Walls

Tastefully selected artworks, pictures or paintings and your achievements, in the form of certificates or degrees must be appropriately used to adorn your office walls. But remember that too much is always distasteful; hence, keep it minimal and consistent.

6. Add Green

A little greenery added to your office decor always pleases the eye. Moreover, scientific research indicates that it boosts productivity levels and keeps the surrounding air cleaner by reducing its toxicity.

7. Personalise Your Space

Consider placing attractive and functional items on your personal desk, such as business card holder, personalised clock, pen and pen holder, or personal pictures, to create your own little space effectively.

8. Lighting

An expert office interior designer will ensure that your office is well-lit and will plan to use natural light efficiently. If enough sunlight can in no way enter your office premises, choose something like bamboo that is a good option to be used with fluorescent lighting.

Before purchasing any plants, check the instructions for required natural sunlight carefully in order to avoid any hassles later.


Do You Work From Your Home Office?

If you work from a home-office and not in a cubicle or at a single workstation, then how to plan your office decor is solely at your discretion. Go with either light wood or steel for desks and storage shelves, or you can even mix and match these materials.

Ensure purchasing furniture that doesn’t take up unnecessary space and provides ultimate comfort. The desks and chairs must be ergonomically efficient and you should feel right while working in those. It is okay to sacrifice style for extra comfort, because a great looking office is no good if you get a chronic back pain or a bad posture in the process.

If there is extra space, you may consider buying a small couch to add a nice touch to your office decor. It turns out to be a great add-on for short power naps or unexpected guests. However, if you find the couch distracting and it tempts you to extend that ‘power’ nap a ‘little’, then kibosh the couch idea.

A book shelf is crucial, both to display literature that speaks for your knowledge and taste, and to hide personal books and magazines. A small file cabinet is necessary, however, make sure that it uses optimum space and is consistent with the remaining furniture pieces.


Office Decor for your Home Office

The key to decorating your home office is to maintain the right balance between personal and professional. Despite being in your home, this is still office and you would want it to look and feel the most professional and full of concentration when your clients visit you. Working in a home office in no way allows you to swerve from professionalism during your office hours.

How to Add a Professional Touch to Your Home Office?

1. Rugs

Add a rug if your office flooring is a hardwood one. Go for a classic single-tone or a traditional Persian-style for that perfect professional feel. You may even choose carpeting the entire floor with a sustainable floor covering, which while being fit for purpose, is least harmful to the environment.

2. Art

This is your office; select your favourite art works and hang them on walls to liven up the area and reflect your cultural taste. Choose paintings or pictures appropriately, in tandem with your business niche. You can even go for antique or modern sculptures or art pieces. You might want to display your awards and accolades too by hanging various merit certifications.

All in all, getting your office decor right is an intricate process and requires meticulous planning on a variety of aspects. Pick and plan each of these aspects one by one, in tandem with each other, and watch the right decor unfold.