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Winnipeg Skating Shelters 1 0

Winnipeg Skating Shelters by Patkau Architects

Vancouver-based architectural firm Patkau Architects has designed the Winnipeg Skating Shelters. Following is some description from the architects, “Winnipeg is a city of 600,000 residents located on the Canadian prairie. It is the coldest...

Shadowboxx house 1 0

Shadowboxx House by Olson Kundig Architetcs

Olson Kundig Architetcs have designed the Shadowboxx house in San Juan Islands, WA. Following is some information from the architects, “Shadowboxx responds to a desire to facilitate an intimate understanding of this special place...

NO99 Straw Theatre 1 0

NO99 Straw Theatre by Salto Architects

Salto Architects has designed and built the NO99 Straw Theatre in Tallinn, Estonia. It is a temporary building built for the occasion of Tallinn being the European Capital of Culture, to house a special...

Kew House 3 front view 0

Kew House 3 by Vibe Design Group

Kew House 3 is a single family residence designed by Australian architectural firm Vibe Design Group. In architect’s words, “In this design, we sought to embody the iconic elegance of the 1950/60’s modernist style....

Faculty Club for Tilburg University 1 0

Faculty Club for Tilburg University by Shift

Dutch architectural studio Shift has designed the Faculty Club for Tilburg University. Following is some information from the architects, “Tilburg University has extended its campus with the Faculty Club, a multipurpose pavilion for the...

Family House in Bellmund 1 0

Family House in Bellmund by EXH Design

This family house located in Bellmund, Switzerland is designed by Shanghai based firm EXH Design. Following is some information from the designers, “This house for a family of four is located in Bellmund, Switzerland,...

Containers of Hope 1 0

Containers of Hope by Benjamin Garcia Saxe

“Containers of Hope” is a unique living space made of shipping containers, designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe in San Jose, Costa Rica. In designer’s words, “Gabriela Calvo and Marco Peralta dreamed of living in...

House in Ropponmatsu 1 0

House in Ropponmatsu by Kazunori Fujimoto

Japanese architect Kazunori Fujimoto has designed the House in Ropponmatsu. Following is some information from the architects, “This house is located in the city area near by the center of Fukuoka city. The shape...

Casey Key Guest House 1 0

Casey Key Guest House by TOTeMS Architecture

American architectural firm TOTeMS has designed the Casey Key Guest House in Florida. Following is some information from the architects, “he guest residence, located on a barrier island, is set within a mature oak...

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