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Modern Laundry Room Design By Electrolux

Now the washing and laundry process will never be boring. The Electrolux designers have designed a new laundry room. It includes a washing machine, dryer, LCD TV, stereo music system, cabinets for storage and...

Ebb Bathroom Collection 0

Ebb Bathroom Collection From UsTogether

The British and Irish design group, UsTogether has designed new bathroom fixtures called Ebb bathroom collection. The glass-fronted bathtub and sink are truly unique in design and gives an ultra modern look to the...

Red Bathroom Furniture 0

Vibrant Red Bathroom Furniture

Red is very exotic color when it comes to interior designing. Design with red, appeals to everyone irrespective of their taste and favorite color. However red is rarely used in bathroom design along with...


Luxury Bathroom Designs From Flaminia

The new designer bathrooms from Italian ceramic brand Flaminia offer luxurious and elegant bathroom designs combined with minimalistic style. The signature feature of these bathrooms is the large space where you can relax after a...

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