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Ecotypic Bed – Green Living At Its Best

Ecotypic is new breed of green living bed for those who like to spend time in woods with lots of green around them. This wonderful bed is embodied with LED lights for comfortable reading...

Contemporary Wardrobe by Juil Kim 0

Contemporary Wardrobe Design By Juil Kim

“One+One” is a modern compact storage cabinet designed by Juil Kim. This contemporary wardrobe is actually a two separate wardrobes connected with two horizontal pieces. In closed condition this serves as a compact cabinet...


Kid’s Room Storage Unit – STUVA From IKEA

It’s always difficult to choose a right storage wardrobe for the kid’s room. Kid’s storage units come in different shapes and sizes. Some are big while others are compact. IKEA brought STUVA a new...


Feng Shui Bedroom Design- Getting it Right

Author: Richard Trott Different forms of energies are everywhere around you, and if you know how to utilize these energies, you will be able to enrich your life in a great way. Feng Shui...


Choosing Themes For Kids Bedroom Design

Author: Thomas Pretty Designing a kids bedroom can be an ultimately fun and enjoyable process. The hardest part of the decision making is to choose what type of theme to opt for, with choices...


Walk-In Closet By IMA

Wardrobes are always an integral part of the bedroom design. They help to arrange things in proper order. The walk-in closets have taken the game up further. They offer practical and luxurious solution to...

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