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Fun stools with an interesting geometric shape

Tembo is an unusual stool with structural stratification of different materials such as wood, metal and cork, creatively intertwined in an aesthetically attractive contemporary piece of furniture. With its symbolic name that means “elephant” in...


Awesome kayak-shaped storage unit

“The Collectors Cabinet” is a storage unit for small items, with a dual function of sculptural decorative element in the home and practical small library. With its shape, which resembles a kayak, this element...


Awesome tables made of wood, concrete and copper

Swiss furniture manufacturer “Astfrei” introduced its first design concept – CS1 coffee and side tables. The interesting structure of the tables made from a combination of three different materials, gives an emphasis on the...


Awesome bookshelves inspired by trees

Say goodbye to the traditional bookshelf design, your interior dreams of these brave forms of bookshelves that look like branched trees. They are practical, functional for smaller spaces, and the shape can be adapted to...


Elegant marble table with timeless design

Arcaico is a table collection with metal structure and cylinder massif marble bases and presents a fascinating declination with round top designed by Enzo Berti for Kreoo. The round top acquires an aura of noble classicism...


Playful armchair inspired by the shape of crystals

Inspired by natural crystals the design studio “CTRLZAK” in collaboration with the designer Davide Barzaghi created the armchair “Quartz”, made of simple materials, aluminum, natural foam and wood. The constructive frame of the chair is...


Furniture appealing to smaller contemporary interiors

  The architectural and design studio “Torafu” created a collection of furniture with dimensions specialized for smaller interiors. The collection is a project that was realized in cooperation with “Hida Sangyo”, a renowned Japanese...

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