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Modular Wall Shelving System Box 1-7

Finnish designer Pekka Kuivamäki has created this versatile wall shelving system called Box 1-7 in collaboration with Spanish company Be a Malevich. The modular shelf is made of seven boxes of different sizes. Combined...


Wedge Table by Andreas Kowalewski

Designer Andreas Kowalewski has created the Wedge Table. The idea behind the table design was to create a furniture “that can be build, stored and delivered in a simple and space saving way and...

Capa Desk by Reinhard Dienes for Foundry Collection 0

Capa Desk by Reinhard Dienes for Foundry Collection

Capa is a writing/work desk created by German designer Reinhard Dienes for Singapore-based company Foundry Collection. The sleek writing desk is named after a Spanish word “capa” which means “layers” because of the visual...


Promenade Chair by 4P1B Design Studio

Promenade is a lightweight chair created by Milan-based 4P1B Design Studio. The chair has a very simple and minimal design that represents the union between structure and upholstery. Here is a description from the...


Normal Furniture Collection by Stefano Merlo

“Normal” is a furniture collection composed of a chair and a table. Created by young Italian designer Stefano Merlo, the design concept is based on the motto “Less lasts more.” Both chair and table...


Tambour Table by Michael Bambino

Designer Michael Bambino has created the Tambour Table. It is a unique computer table with a tabletop that can be pushed away to reveal power, usb connections and some space to store small items...


Quello Table and Stool by Phil Procter

Designer Phil Procter has created this minimalist table, Quello in collaboration with British company Ercol furniture. The design has a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic. The Quello table can be paired with the stool to...


Bai Dining Chair by Ander Lizaso

Designer Ander Lizaso has created the Bai Dining Chair. The chair was presented at the Milan Furniture Fair 2012. The design features sensual shapes that are reminiscent of classical Scandinavian design icons. The Bai...

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