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Cool multifunctional storage frame

Manolo is an amazing multi-functional piece of furniture, a panel where you can store and hang your things with a strong attitude towards customization, pure usefulness and design! Its wooden knobs and your creativity are...


Hypnotizing Abyss Table

London-based designer Christopher Duffy created a table that materializes the dramatic depths of the ocean. The concept for the Abyss Table was oriented towards depth that was achieved by stacking sheets of wood and...


Cool High Heel Seats

“When a product becomes a sculpture, a combination of fantasy and reality of nature that surrounds us, the industrial model gets a new taste, and we understand that nature and society have so much...


Be one with nature with this Sioux coat rack

 “Sioux” is a project of solid beech wood coat rack made by wood turning designed by Nicolas Abdelkader for NAB design studio. Inspired by Indian American culture, “Sioux” is a wink at that time...

Croké Corner Table by Hugo Ribeiro 0

Croké Corner Table by Hugo Ribeiro

Young Portuguese designer Hugo Ribeiro has created Croké, a corner table inspired by the traditional Portuguese stools and the art of crochet. The structure is made of pine wood with a shelf in between,...


2014 A’ Furniture Design Award Winners

A’ Design Award & Competition is the world’s largest design competition for young designers, studios and companies. The competition aims to promote and highlight the best design concepts and products in furniture, lighting, architecture...

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