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Nordic Lamp by Federica Bubani

Italian designer Federica Bubani has created the Nordic Lamp. It is a simple table lamp made of white clay and wood. Inspired by the nordic design, the table lamp has a very simple structure...


Hello Floor Lamp by Jonas Wagell

Swedish designer Jonas Wagell has created the Hello Floor Lamp for Normann Copenhagen. The lamp has a very simple and uncomplicated design that resembles the graphic appearance of symbols or icons. According to the...


Lamparini by Ayllu Collective

Lamparini is a collection of handmade table lamps created by Peru-based design studio Ayllu Collective. Each lamp in the lighting series is made out of pine wood. The design is inspired by the Wabi-sabi,...


Tilta Lamp by Scoope Design

Brooklyn-based studio Scoope Design has created the Tilta Lamp. It is a floor lamp made of wood, glass and aluminum with a solid concrete base. The lamp’s concrete base allows it to rotate 360...


Brahma Lighting Collection by Jordi Blasi for Pedret

Designer Jordi Blasi has created the Brahma lighting collection for Barcelona-based company Pedret Lighting. Presented at the Light & Building 2012, the Brahma lighting series includes pendant, flush, wall, floor and table lamps. Each...


Lanx OLED Table Lamp by Alessandro Marelli

LANX is a very thin table lamp created by Italian designer Alessandro Marelli. The lamp uses OLED technology. One of the characteristics of this new and innovative technology is the extreme thinness. Using this,...


Cyclops Lamp by Sander Mulder

Cyclops is a unique lamp created by the Netherlands-based industrial designer Sander Mulder. The hanging lamp is named after its intriguing shape and illogical placement of its switch. The Cyclops lamp combines form with...


Sisifo Lamp by Scott Wilson for Artemide

Designer Scott Wilson of Chicago-based studio MINIMAL has created the Sisifo Lamp for Italian lighting company Artemide. The Sisifo lamp has a hybrid design that blends task lamp with table lamp. The designer wanted...


The Angelin Lamp by Constance Guisset

The Angelin Lamp is a unique shape changing lighting unit created by Paris-based designer Constance Guisset. The lamp is made of a metallic structure containing a neon bulb and few rolls of paper. The...

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