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Light Pillow by Linas Kutavicius 0

Light Pillow By Linas Kutavicius For Contraforma

Light Pillow is a versatile pillow with built-in lamp designed by Linas Kutavicius For Contraforma. In designer’s words, “The light is always associated with warmth and softness. That’s because the idea to make light...

Sparks modular lighting sytem 0

Sparks Modular Lighting System By Daniel Becker

Sparks is a modular lighting system designed by German designer Daniel Becker which consists of three different modules with the ability to be arranged in various configurations to form a three-dimensional structure. Every module can...

B-chain lamp by Cho Hyung Suk 0

B-Chain Lamp By Cho Hyung Suk Design

Cho Hyung Suk has designed this new reading and bed lamp called B-chain lamp inspired by bycicle chain. In designer’s words, “The “B-chain lamp” can have most various shape than any lamp. This is...

Algae lamp by Christian Vivanco 0

Algae Suspended Lamp By Christian Vivanco

Algae is a suspension lamp, designed by Christian Vivanco,  inspired by the look of a seaweed suspended in the air, constantly changing its shape, depending on the angle from where you look at it. Its...


Unique Chandelier Design Bau Pendant Made of Wood

Designer Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidf has designed new decorative home lighting for Normann-Copenhagen called Bau Pendant. This contemporary chandelier is best suited to decorate your living room or dining hall. Number of circular plywood pieces...

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