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Modern Laundry Room Design By Electrolux

Now the washing and laundry process will never be boring. The Electrolux designers have designed a new laundry room. It includes a washing machine, dryer, LCD TV, stereo music system, cabinets for storage and...


Workstation Designs For Comfortable Working

Arranging the equipments in workstation is always a difficult procedure. A good designed workstation can convert the long and boring work hours into fun. It’s very important to have good light and air circulation...


Multi-Purpose Coffee Table By Buc

This very minimalistic and multifunctional Coffee Table is designed by Discoh. You can use it as a coffee table or a cup holder or even as a TV stand. You can change the decoration...


Funny Exploding Cabinet

This funny and original exploding furniture is designed by Opulent Items. It’s definitely a unique design that will leave a great impact in your living room. The top six drawers of the cabinet are...


Oxford Screen Printable Solar Cells

Most of the people like the idea of renewable or natural energy sources like solar or wind energy. But hesitate to use it due to its complex installations and high costs. To make this...


The Oma’s Rache – Flat Pack Compact Kitchen

There are lots of kitchen designs available for small spaces. But Oma’s Rache is one of the most compact and flat-pack-all-in-one kitchen design available today for small apartments. When not in use this extremely...

Contemporary Wardrobe by Juil Kim 0

Contemporary Wardrobe Design By Juil Kim

“One+One” is a modern compact storage cabinet designed by Juil Kim. This contemporary wardrobe is actually a two separate wardrobes connected with two horizontal pieces. In closed condition this serves as a compact cabinet...

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