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Funky Book Shelf Inspired By PacMan

This book shelf is inspired by the PacMan game. It is minimalistic and modern furniture, designed for funky and beautiful living room. This shelf comes with a striking combination of colors such as yellow,...


Flexible Coffee Table-Rotor By Bellato

Rotor is flexible, functional, and highly original design by Luciano Bertoncini for Bellato. Thanks to an ingenious system of rotating plates, this coffee table can take a multitude of shapes and sizes. This coffee...


Apple’s First Store In Paris

Apple is not only known for its exquisite design taste in its products but also in design and architecture of its stores that sells them. Apple’s first store in Paris is located in Corrousel...


Designing A Traditional French Kitchen

Author: Dave Matthews Photos: Mobalpa When it comes to redesigning your kitchen it can be tempting to go for a sleek, modern look. A glance through the kitchen catalogues will present you with page...


Feng Shui Bedroom Design- Getting it Right

Author: Richard Trott Different forms of energies are everywhere around you, and if you know how to utilize these energies, you will be able to enrich your life in a great way. Feng Shui...


Unique Green House Concept By Marc Koehler

If you are thinking that adding solar panels, designing windows to circulate natural air and hanging few plants completes a green house then wait,  Dutch architects Marc Koehler have given entirely new meaning to...


Futuristic Slim Sofa By Stephane Perruchon

This futuristic thin modular sofa is designed by Stephane Perruchon. It consists a 3 seats attached in a angular mode. The pieces can be adjusted to suit the available space. This exciting furniture collection...


Black And White Kitchen By Futura Cucine

Right color combination gives an impressive and clean look to the interior design. Neutral colors like black and white can be satisfying for a very long time. This Black and White kitchen Diana is...

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