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Stair House by Onix 0

Stair House by Onix

Dutch architectural practice Onix have designed the Stair House in Almelo, the Netherlands. The house is completely made of wood. The exterior consists of vertical planks and the interior is actually furnished in one...

Mia Lamp by Federica Bubani for Fabbian 0

Mia Lamp by Federica Bubani for Fabbian

Mia Lamp by Italian designer Federica Bubani for Fabbian is a little lamp composed of two white clay volumes. The first volume serves as the base and second volume holds a fluorescent light bulb....

Steps by Geof Ramsay 0

Steps by Geof Ramsay

Steps by Canadian designer Geof Ramsay is a multipurpose furniture unit that explores the idea of reinvention. The simple yet playful design allows you to use it as stairs, a seat with two end...

Apartment in Amsterdam by MAMM Design 0

Apartment in Amsterdam by MAMM Design

Japanese practice MAMM Design have renovated a duplex apartment in an 85-year old residential building in Amsterdam. Designed for a family of four, the renovated interiors allow maximum sunlight in the house and also...

Pobble House by Guy Hollaway Architects 0

Pobble House by Guy Hollaway Architects

London based practice Guy Hollaway Architects have designed Pobble House. It is located within the Dungeness Estate, a stark and open headland on the Kent and Sussex coast. The Pobble House takes its name...

Sofista Modular and Stackable Sofa 0

Sofista Modular and Stackable Sofa

Designer Fabrizio Simonetti has created Sofista for Italian furniture brand Formabilio. It is a modular and stackable sofa ideal for small living rooms and studio apartments. It is all in one, a 3 seater...

House Birkensee by Labvert 0

House Birkensee by Labvert

The House Birkensee by Vienna based architectural and design studio Labvert is a summer vacation home located on a lake south of Vienna. The design features wooden deck foundation and a roof enclosed by...

Ring Desk by Codalangi Design Studio 0

Ring Desk by Codalangi Design Studio

Ring Desk by Hungary based Codalangi Design Studio is a contemporary desk with a built in desk lamp. The lampshade is solid ash wood and the tabletop is finished in matching ash veneer with...

Mila Kitchen by Cesar 0

Mila Kitchen by Cesar

Mila by Italian brand Cesar is a youthful looking kitchen series that combines different materials in a very playful and eye-catching way. The kitchen features new functional ideas, like the grip recess that is...

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