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Mikko Birdhouses and Feeders by Pygmalion Studio 0

Mikko Birdhouses and Feeders by Pygmalion Studio

French design firm Pygmalion Studio have created a series of birdhouses and feeders made of ceramic and wood. Each birdhouse and feeder comes with an elastic strap. The strap allows for an easy installation...

Archibird Cage by Grégoire de Lafforest 0

Archibird Cage by Grégoire de Lafforest

Archibird by Grégoire de Lafforest is a bird cage and table combined in one furniture unit. Ideal for small spaces and bird lovers, the Archibird has a spacious bird habitat suspended beneath the tabletop....

Do It Birdhouse by Marcin Pogorzelski 0

DIY Birdhouse by Marcin Pogorzelski

Do It Birdhouse by Sweden-based designer Marcin Pogorzelski is a unique bird architecture based on a traditional form which is best for both birds and human. It comes in a flat pack containing wooden...


NeighBirds by Andreu Carulla

NeighBirds is a modular birds’ nest created by Spain-based designer Andreu Carulla for UTOOPIC. The birds’ nest can be easily installed in either wild or urban environments. It can be hanged onto a branch,...


Cui Birdhouse by Adrian Froufe

Young designer Adrian Froufe has created the Cui Birdhouse. Made in glass and rope, the Cui Birdhouse rejects the “traditional forms associated with these type of objects and wants to stand out into the...

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