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Creative decor made of concrete

Designers from the Spanish-Mexican studio La Selva presented a new collection of elegant décor made of concrete. The collection consists of vases, decorative plates and candlesticks with an interesting geometric shape. In this collection,...


Trabant, spherical lamp made of concrete and glass

Trabant is a hanging luminous element that resembles the moon. Its remarkable expression results from the amalgamation of the harsh beauty of the rugged gray concrete and the transparent crystal texture of glass. The suspended...


Awesome tables made of wood, concrete and copper

Swiss furniture manufacturer “Astfrei” introduced its first design concept – CS1 coffee and side tables. The interesting structure of the tables made from a combination of three different materials, gives an emphasis on the...

Kreten Side Table by Souda 0

Kreten Side Table by Souda

New York-based design studio Souda has created the Kreten side tables. Each table in the series is made of fiber-glass reinforced concrete. According to the designer, Kreten Side Tables are the result of a...

Flotane rest stop 1 0

Flotane Rest Stop by L J B

Norwegian architectural firm L J B has designed the Flotane rest stop on the top of Aurlandsfjellet plateau in Norway. Located on the national tourist route at 1220 m.a.s.l., the rest stop consists a...

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