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Self-Sustaining Green Retreat Isolee by Tjep

Amsterdam-based studio Tjep have designed a self-sustaining, solar powered house called Isolée. The eco-house concept combines intelligent technology with elegant sophistication. The Isolée house runs on solar energy collected via solar panels fitted on...


JustK by AMUNT Architects

Germany-based practice AMUNT Architects have designed a family home in Tübingen, Germany. The zero-energy house with 2 separate living units for 4 children and 2 adults is located on a south facing slope with...

Velux Sunlighthouse in Pressbaum 1 0

Velux Sunlighthouse by Juri Troy Architects

Vienna-based architectural firm Juri Troy Architects has designed the Velux Sunlighthouse in Pressbaum, Austria. It is Austria’s first CO2-neutral single-family house with an exceptionally high daylight portion. Following is a description from the designer,...

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