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Spire Plantable by Philipp von Hase 0

Spire Plantable by Philipp von Hase

Spire by Philipp von Hase is a seed shaped ‘plantable’ made of fine walnut and maple wood. The table has a handmade porcelain bowl in the center where you can grow plants. The Spire...

The Grass Lamp Hydroponics Indoor Garden by Marko Vuckovic 0

The Grass Lamp by Marko Vuckovic

Serbian industrial designer Marko Vuckovic has created the Grass Lamp indoor garden. The futuristic gardening concept uses advanced hydroponics method to grow plants inside the home. The Grass Lamp is built from light PVC...

Live Screen Indoor Garden by Danielle Trofe 0

Live Screen by Danielle Trofe

Live Screen is a self-sustaining, vertical indoor planter system that also doubles as a room divider. Designed by Brooklyn-based designer Danielle Trofe, the Live Screen was presented at the SaloneSatellite during the 2013 Milan...

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