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Australian apartment with bold colors and elements

The makeover of the apartment “Chester Street Apartment” in Brisbane, Australia, is the work of designer Alexander Lotersztain, director of the design studio “Derlot”. From first glance, this colorful apartment gives the impression that...


Awesome 29-square meter mini home

The studio for interior design 3XA created the interior for this miniature apartment in Wroclaw, Poland. The tiny apartment with an area of 29 square meters is incredibly comfortable and includes all the necessary spaces...


Not guilty – restaurant inspired by nature

The warm interior with pastel colors and decor reflects the philosophy of creating a “little piece of heaven on earth” of the chain restaurants “Not guilty”. Comfortable furniture, bright colors and installations in the...


Awesome school in Israel with playful interior

Variety of colors, comfortable spaces to read, rest and play are skillfully integrated in the interior of the primary school King Solomon in Israel. This playful space that offers a creative and relaxed learning...


A small boathouse decorated in Scandinavian style

Fresh, white spaces and warm wooden furniture – typical Scandinavian combination and aesthetic dominates the interior of this boathouse in Norway. The whole area is relaxing with the relaxing combination of furniture, minimalist décor,...


Italian restaurant with a warm retro interior

The magical retro interior of the restaurant “Meraviglioso” in Turin that combines the Italian tradition and culture and the gastronomy will definitely impress you. The creatively decorated interior of the restaurant is the work...

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