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12 Awesome Living Room Designs

The living room is the heart of any home, a space for sharing moments with family and large social parties. If we compare it to a person, we would say it’s an extroverted character...


Exotic Moroccan Living Rooms

The exotic multicultural Morocco is an eternal inspiration for architects and designers, especially in designing residential interiors. The strong colors and variety of materials and forms create exciting and mystical atmosphere in the interior....

Origami Sofa by Yumi Yoshida 0

Origami Sofa by Yumi Yoshida

Designer Yumi Yoshida‘s Origami Sofa is inspired by the traditional Japanese paper-folding art origami. When folded, it becomes a comfortable two-seater sofa and when opened it is a flat mat. Via: Dezmag

Rise Sofa by Note Design Studio for Fogia 0

Rise Sofa by Note Design Studio for Fogia

Sweden-based Note Design Studio have created the Rise Sofa for Swedish furniture company Fogia. The sofa is composed of two parts, a wooden base and the cushion. The wooden base of the sofa extends...

Bungy Sofa by Leala Dymond 0

Bungy Sofa by Leala Dymond

Furniture designer Leala Dymond has created the Bungy Sofa. The seating furniture unit features a simple yet clever design idea where yellow bungee cord is used to hold cushions and other items in place....

MyWorld Sofa by Philippe Starck for Cassina 0

MyWorld Sofa by Philippe Starck for Cassina

French product designer Philippe Starck has created the MyWorld sofa for Italian furniture brand Cassina. The modular furniture collection includes two and three-seater sofas, an armchair, chaise longue and pouf. From the designer, ”...

Airberg by Jean Marie-Massaud for Offecct 0

Airberg by Jean Marie-Massaud for Offecct

French designer Jean Marie-Massaud has created the Airberg seating unit for Offecct. The form of the furniture unit was inspired by a combination of a comfortable seating furniture and an iceberg filled with vacuum....


Nest Sofa by Lagranja Design for KOO

Nest is a comfortable cushion sofa created by Barcelona-based Lagranja Design in collaboration with Valencia-based company KOO. The sofa is made of big pillows. Here is a description from the designers, “It’s been a...


Hocky Sofa by Marcin Wielgosz

Hocky is a multifunctional furniture series designed by Marcin Wielgosz of Polish studio Merely. The furniture set consists of modular segments which can be combined to form a comfortable sofa or can be used...


Roulade Sofa by KiBiSi

Danish design studio KiBiSi has created the Roulade Sofa in collaboration with another Danish firm Versus. The sofa is made from High Density foam and upholstered with Kvadrat fabrics. The shape of the sofa...


Plot by Osko+Deichmann for Brunner

Plot is a spatial seating landscape created by Berlin-based design studio Osko+Deichmann for German furniture company Brunner. Inspired by cascaded formations in the nature, the Plot provides multiple sitting positions. According to the designers,...

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