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Practical and modern 38-square meter home

One of the problems with living in small homes is the feeling of uniformity of space. Everything is cramped, without any change that is often much needed by those who live in such spaces. Designers...


Practical table that orderly hides the cables

Designer Luca Nichetto created a simple side table as an effective solution to the problem of scattered cables. Our contemporary obsession with modern technology and the need for dozens of cables for expensive technological...


Tel Aviv apartment in Scandinavian style

Israeli architect Dalit Lilenthal worked on a renovation project of a family home in Tel Aviv. The challenge in this renovation project was to find an ideal balance between practicality and spaciousness in the interior....


Hotel transformed into an affordable student housing

With the rising rent problems in many high-density cities in China, LYCS architecture got the idea to design ‘Campus Hong Kong’ – revolutionary apartments for students. Faced with little space and very high living expenses, the designers...

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