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Lambent Chair by Glen Lewis-Steele 0

Lambent Chair by Glen Lewis-Steele

Lambent Chair by New Zealand-based designer Glen Lewis-Steele was inspired by a collapsible wooden toy. From the designer, “Inspired by a collapsible, wooden, giraffe toy from my childhood, the ‘Lambent Chair’ is designed to...

Ugol Table Lamp by Yaroslav Misonzhnikov 0

Ugol Table Lamp by Yaroslav Misonzhnikov

Saint Petersburg-based product designer Yaroslav Misonzhnikov has created the Ugol table lamp. Presented at this year’s SaloneSatellite in Milan, the Ugol has a very unusual shape for a desk lamp. The “Ugol” means “Corner”...

The Pencil Light by Caroline Olsson 0

The Pencil Light by Caroline Olsson

The Pencil Light by Norway-based designer Caroline Olsson is both a reading lamp and a container for your stationery. According to the designer, “The Pencil Light is both a lamp and a container, wanting...

Fellow Lamp by Yours Design 0

Fellow Lamp by Yours Design

Fellow Lamp is a simple table/reading lamp created by New Zealand-based design firm Yours Design. The desk lamp has a very simple design. The adjustable lamp head is made of aluminum and it is...

360° Lamp by Magdalena Chojnacka 0

360° Lamp by Magdalena Chojnacka

Poland-based industrial designer Magdalena Chojnacka of Bongo Design has created the 360° lamp. The minimalist desk/reading lamp is made from one piece of solid pine block. According to the designer, “The 360° is a...


123 LED Light by Federico Floriani

123 is a simple LED table/reading lamp created by Italian designer Federico Floriani. The minimal lighting unit is composed of three parts, two metal legs and an oak main body. According to the designer,...


Dowel Lamp by Riley Sanders

New Zealand-based designer Riley Sanders has created the Dowel Lamp. The minimalist lamp is composed of three wooden elements. The main element houses an LED strip and two small elements support the main element....


Ka Lighting Collection by Woodendot

Designers Daniel García & María José Vargas of Spanish studio Woodendot have created the Ka lamp collection. The lighting collection consists three models, Ka XL, Ka M, and Ka S lamp. Ka XL is...

Mantis Desk Lamp 1 0

Mantis Lamp by Böttcher+Henssler

Mantis is a simple desk lamp created by Berlin-based studio Böttcher+Henssler for Slovenian lighting company Vertigo Bird. The lamp is made from lightly stained maple and coated aluminum. the height of the lamp can...

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