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Elegant apartment in Bauhaus style

The interior design studio Raanan Stern has performed a modern apartment renovation in Bauhaus style with an area of 75 square meters. The apartment, comfortably housed in Tel Aviv in a building dating back...


Tel Aviv apartment in Scandinavian style

Israeli architect Dalit Lilenthal worked on a renovation project of a family home in Tel Aviv. The challenge in this renovation project was to find an ideal balance between practicality and spaciousness in the interior....


Tokyo office renovated with 130 shipping pallets

Architectural Studio “Hiroki Tominaga Atelier” offered an economical solution for designing temporary office space. Instead of using expensive furniture for the conference room, architects used 130 wooden pallets. They created large desks, bookcases, ceiling,...


Modern and bright apartment in Tel Aviv

What do architects do when they have the freedom to design their own interior or the interiors of their family? Architect Lauren Reik experimented with ideas to create a contemporary interior in her grandmother’s...

Tiny Apartment In Paris by Kitoko Studio 0

Tiny Apartment In Paris by Kitoko Studio

French practice Kitoko Studio have transformed an old maid room in Paris into a tiny apartment. The unique multifunctional furniture setup was inspired by the Swiss Army Knife. The tiny eight square meter apartment...

Barcelona Apartment Renovation by Nook 0

How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Renovation

Renovating your house is substantially more difficult than building one. Remodeling causes the place you are living to become a construction site. You live with the project happening around you until it is completed....

Fujigaoka M Apartment Renovation by Sinato 0

Fujigaoka M Apartment Renovation by Sinato

Japanese practice Sinato have renovated a two-decade old apartment in Yokohama for a married couple. The architects added a new L-shaped wall in the center to separate the master bedroom and a guest bedroom...

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