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Wing Wall Sink by Ludovico Lombardi for Falper 0

Wing Wall Sink by Ludovico Lombardi for Falper

Italian designer Ludovico Lombardi has created the Wing sink for Falper. The elegant wall sink is realised in Cristalplant. From the designer, “Wing is a wall sink realised in Cristalplant as a continuous dynamic...


Un lavabos Tilting Sink by Gwenole Gasnier

French designer Gwenole Gasnier has designed the “Un lavabos”, a tilting sink that adapts according to the user’s height. Normal sinks are too high to use for children and people riding wheelchair. The designer...

Pare Washbasin Design 1 0

Pare Washbasin Design by Nuvist

Pare Washbasin design created by Nuvist was inspired by the movement and power of water. The washbasin collection is available in attractive colors and shapes. Following is some information from the designers, “Nature has...

Peeled-back sink Lavabo Skin 1 0

Lavabo Skin by Lago

Italian furniture brand Lago has designed this amazing peeled-back sink, Lavabo Skin. The curved metal sink is covered in mosaic in such a way that it seems to come away from the wall almost...

Tandem Urinal-cum-Sink 1 1

Tandem – Versatile Urinal-cum-Sink Design

Tandem is a multifunctional bathroom sink-cum-urinal designed by Kaspars Jursons of Stand. In designer’s words, “A sink and urinal are combined into a single product, creating a multifunctional plumbing device. While you are washing...

Nivis bathroom Sink by Shiro Studio 1 0

Modern Bathroom Sink Nivis by Shiro Studio

London-based designer Andrea Morgante of Shiro Studio has designed modern bathroom sink called Nivis. In designer’s words, “In Latin Nivis means snow. Made of white cristalplant, Nivis pays homage to the most intimate and...

Solid Wood Bathroom Sink Corten 1 0

CORTEN – Modern Bathroom Sink Design

CORTEN is a modern bathroom sink designed by a3studiomadrid for Spanish manufacturer Tuesta Furniture. Made of oak wood and rusted steel, the CORTEN sink is inspired by the architecture and its simple and minimalist...

Multipurpose Kitchen Bowl Sink BLANCORONIS 1 1

Multipurpose Kitchen Bowl Sink BLANCORONIS

BLANCORONIS is an elegant and spacious round bowl kitchen sink made of stainless steel, designed by German company BLANCO. The sink comes with an innovative accessories concept which includes a black satin glass cutting...

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