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The Oo Lamp by Sverre Uhnger

The “Oo” is a wooden desk lamp created by Oslo-based designer Sverre Uhnger. The lamp is a made of solid wood. According to the designer, “The starting point for the design was my fascination...


Oak by Ross Gardam

Australian designer Ross Gardam has created the Oak pendant lamp. The lamp is hand crafted from solid oak timber. The body of the lamp is accentuated by the intersecting hole, which allows a variety...

Forest Wooden Chair by Thomas Schnur 0

Forest Chair by Thomas Schnur

German-based designer Thomas Schnur has created a simple chair made from tree trunks. The wooden chair has a very simple design. The seat and backrest of the chair sit on a base made of...


Seven Days Kitchen by Riva 1920

“Seven Days” is a wooden kitchen series created by Italian kitchen brand Riva 1920. The simple yet elegant design of the kitchen is characterized by the warm colors of wood. The kitchen is composed...

Hug Stool 1 0

Hug Stool by Emo Design

Italian studio Emo Design has created the Hug Stool for Elite Kriterio Srl. The stool is handcrafted from teak or white teak and comes with string handle in different colors. The colored rope handle...

Endy Stool 1 0

Endy Stool by Studio Ve

Designers Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger of Israeli design firm Studio Ve have created the Endy Stool. The stool is entirely made from discarded timber end pieces from sawmills. According to the designers, “The...

wooden Kitchen by Effeti 0

Versatile Kitchen Made Of Solid Wood By Effeti

This versatile kitchen designed by Effeti is made from solid chestnut. With Natural wood finish this kitchen feels solid and reliable. “A unique product, a limited number of hand-made solid chestnut wood products are produced...

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