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Drapee Chair by Constance Guisset 0

Drapee Chair by Constance Guisset

Drapee by designer Constance Guisset is a lightweight, stackable chair made of steel wires. The name comes from the lines between the back and the seat that reproduce the fluid motion of a drape....


Coniferous Collection by Joint Perspectives

Coniferous is a collection of stools created by London-based design studio Joint Perspectives. Shaped and inspired by conifer pine trees, the stools come in pairs and in three different sizes. The modular design allows...

Spin Stackable Stool 1 0

Spin Stool by Staffan Holm for Swedese

Swedish designer Staffan Holm has created the Spin Stool for Swedish furniture brand Swedese. It is a lightweight, stackable stool that stacks in a spiral for as high as you dare. The laminated veneer...

Totem Stool collection 1 0

Totem Stools by Anaesthetic

Sydney-based design studio Anaesthetic has created the Totem Stool collection. Each Totem stool features a pyramid shaped indention in sides that allow you to stack one stool into the other. The indention also serves...

Lata stacking chair 1 0

Lata Stacking Chair by Andrew Dickson

Kansas-based designer Andrew Dickson has created the Lata stacking chair. According to the designer, “Lata is a smart side chair whose graceful curves not only catch your eye, but also nestle perfectly for stacking....

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