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Pneu (Pneumatic) Table 1 0

Pneu (Pneumatic) Table by Il Hoon Roh

Pneu (Pneumatic) Table is a unique handmade architectural sculpture created by London-based designer Il Hoon Roh. Here is a description from the designer’s website, “The designer’s main purpose for this project was to develop...

Cahute Table 1 0

Cahute Table by Pierre-Gilles Fourquié

French designer Pierre-Gilles Fourquié has designed the Cahute Table. The Cahute is a French word meaning Hut. In designer’s words, “Cottage made of lightweight materials. Hut is a project that appeals to our childlike...

Shifty desk/hallway stand 1 0

Shifty Desk/Hallway Stand by Daniel Schofield

Daniel Schofield has designed the Shifty desk/hallway stand. The desk features a unique drawer design where unlike normal drawer units, the drawer doesn’t move, it’s the box which pulls out. This also doubles the...

Envelop Office Desk 0

Envelop Desk by Herman Miller

Envelop Desk is a unique work table designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber for Herman Miller. The surface or tabletop of the desk sits on a sliding channel and moves to and fro as...

S01 Compact Workstation 1 0

S01 Compact Workstation by Studio Unieke

S01 is a compact and flexible workstation designed by Bastian Diephaus and Ismail Özalbayrak of Studio Unieke. In its closed form, the furniture looks like a normal wall cabinet or closed shelf. When opened,...

Constellation Table 1 0

Constellation Table by Fulo

Constellation is a unique table design with many legs placed randomly like stars in the sky. The table was designed by Olof Nordenson & Ulf Jevin of Swedish design studio Fulo. The users can...

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