A-Cero: Lavish And Luxurious 5 Star Mobile House On Wheels

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Numerous good camping vehicles are designed so far. But nothing comes close to this lavish and luxurious 5-star room on wheels created by architectural studio A-Cero. To make things more comfortable, all the interiors and furniture are built from Corian which minimizes the vibrations. Painted in white, the bedroom and bathroom designs are amazing and very modern. Although this mobile home was created for moving around in style, is has all the comfort and utilities to use this as your second home. Another cool feature is the mini garage in which you can park a small sized vehicle. You can roll out your car and have a quick drive in city whenever you wish. The interiors are minimalistic and are designed in a way that you will never miss your home on the move. Check out the pictures of this luxury home on wheels.

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