Amazing Mini Egg House – Blob VB3 By dmvA

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“The design dmvA made for the office of XfactorAgencies, as an extension to the house was relentlessly rejected by local building regulations. Used to working with limitations and eliminating these boundaries at the same time, dmvA answered by designing a mobile unit, a blob. As a mobile construction and holding a high dose of art, it skirted round the strict building codes.

AD&S, as a builder, worked 18 months on this project, resulting in this smooth looking egg. This space-egg houses all necessary items one could possibly need; bathroom, kitchen, lighting, a bed and several niches to store your stuff. The nose can be opened automatically and functions as a kind of porch. You could easily use this mobile unit as an office, a guestroom, a reception, a garden-house, or whatever you want to.

The material used is polyster, sizes are like a big caravan and it can be moved to any place you like.” – dmvA Architecten.

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