Amazing tepee-shaped house in Japan

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Amazing tepee-shaped house in Japan

Passing through the long yellow fields and deep green forests in the Japanese city of Nasu, you can find the dreamy home of a couple that enjoys being surrounded by nature.

The project for this creative house was developed by architectural bureau “Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP”, which decided to design an asymmetrical architectural structure that spreads horizontally and juts into four triangular facades with different heights.

At first glance, the house appears to be constructed with four separate structures with triangular shapes, but in fact it is one architectural whole. Given the uneven surface on which the house was built, the architects created different heights of the four blocks in order to enable a good view and enough natural light.

The architectural form of the house is interesting and establishes interaction with the surrounding. Architects provided the necessary structure elements that are durable to changing weather conditions in the forest area in order to create a family atmosphere where owners will have the opportunity to fully enjoy a comfortable and safe home.

Amazing tepee-shaped house in Japan1 Amazing tepee-shaped house in Japan2 Amazing tepee-shaped house in Japan3 Amazing tepee-shaped house in Japan4 Amazing tepee-shaped house in Japan5(Photo Credits: www.nakam.info)

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