Apollo 11 House by Parra + Edwards Architects

Apollo 11 House 1

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Apollo 11 House 1

Parra + Edwards Architects have designed the Apollo 11 House. The house is situated in the middle of a forest on the outskirts of Santiago. The house was named Apollo 11 because, according to architects, it is designed like a space ship that landed in the middle of a forest and can takeoff anytime without any impact on the surrounding nature. The house also designed to serve as a laboratory with an architecture studio, a rehearsal space and a recording studio for electronic and acoustic music.

Apollo 11 House 2

The space on the house is organized in two levels, based on a 6m x9m rectangular plan with 6m high. The use of rectangular shape helps to minimize the footprint of the house on forest floor while maximizing the heat retention inside the house during cold winter. The large glass windows in the bedroom, oriented to the north collect the solar heat and keep the interior warm. The foliage of the elm trees provide a natural shade during the summer.

Apollo 11 House 3

The main structure of the house is a simple grid, made of coated steel frame skinned with 18mm ply and glass panels. The mixed use of timber ply and glass creates a unique interior with dark and light segments, resembling the shade produced by the foliage trees.

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Apollo 11 House 5

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Image Courtesy: Parra + Edwards Architects

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