Atelier Tenjinyama by Takashi Fujino and Ikimono Architects

Atelier Tenjinyama 1

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Atelier Tenjinyama 1

This new building Atelier Tenjinyama, designed by Takashi Fujino and Ikimono Architects removes the difference between inside and outside of a house. According to the architects, this building is designed to enjoy the environment that always changes. Though the lack of privacy is an issue, the house provides a whole new type of living experience in urban environment. The design is very simple with only four concrete pieces used for walls and a transparent roof.

Atelier Tenjinyama 2

Following is some information from the architects, “This building was born to be able to hold it to prevent rain and wind. This building is made only on four pieces of walls and roofs. The primitive constitution showed the possibility that “a person seemed to be able to spend somehow”. In fact, it rises in joy and presence of mind and discovery here.

Atelier Tenjinyama 3

As for the design method, simplicity is clear. Make a box to live, establish the window to be connected to the town, grind a ceiling transparently to look up at the sky, plant a tree to make a bower, make a floor soil so that a root grows, raise a ceiling to be brought up greatly. So there are the scene that is various inside and out, and come across the scene beyond the imagination. This is comfort of the kinds unlike a feeling of outdoor openness. There is comfort to lead to the outside from the place that was followed physically and psychologically, or enjoying wind and rain not to prevent them.

Atelier Tenjinyama 4

There is our environment that continues changing dynamically around all over the world. There are a season and time and weather coming out of movement of the earth. There is society if in the city. In nature, we are surrounded by a forest and the sea and creatures. They are complicated and are beautiful and are fleetingly are strictly. I want to make the building which I can be impressed by for an instant in an instant entrusting the position to the big environmental flow, and enjoy a slight difference. This atelier is in Takasaki of Gunma, the environment where an evening of the summer has many thunderstorms, winter has fine weather and strong, dry wind blow in.

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