Awesome kindergarten in Copenhagen

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Awesome kindergarten in Copenhagen

Five interconnected fluid structures with a modern brick façade and green roof and a huge park form the image of the extraordinary kindergarten “Forfatterhuset”, conveniently located in a peaceful surrounding in the old historic part of Copenhagen.

The idea for this modern kindergarten was to create a space that will offer appropriate environment for high-quality education and to develop creativity in children. The fluid object with warm orange façade covers an area of ​​1927 square meters. Despite the spacious interior garden with room for play and relaxation has a spacious park that is filled with different educational and fun elements.

The facade is deliberately made of brick in order to maintain the architectural character and spirit of the historic district of Copenhagen where it is located, and to keep harmonious relationship with other older buildings in the area. But the old is interestingly connected with the contemporary  so the architects used an alternative – they placed modern thin and long bricks vertically, which cover the five structures.

This experiment achieves the goal of “COBE” to create architectural object that will reflect the environment, but will also bring freshness and a new wave of change in the quarter with an object that stands out from other buildings. The modern facility does not stand out dramatically, yet refreshes the surrounding and offers a modern space for education and development of the children.

The interior is another story. The interior continues the thread of modern, minimalist aesthetic. The interior is white and clean and reflects the purity and innocence of children.

Awesome kindergarten in Copenhagen1Awesome kindergarten in Copenhagen2Awesome kindergarten in Copenhagen3Awesome kindergarten in Copenhagen4Awesome kindergarten in Copenhagen5Awesome kindergarten in Copenhagen6Awesome kindergarten in Copenhagen7Awesome kindergarten in Copenhagen8Awesome kindergarten in Copenhagen9Awesome kindergarten in Copenhagen10Awesome kindergarten in Copenhagen11(Photo Credits: Adam Mørk and Rasmus Hjortshøj)


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