Cadre House by Apollo Architects & Associates

Cadre House 1

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Cadre House 1

Apollo Architects & Associates has designed the CADRE House in Minamiuonuma, Nigata, Japan. Following is some description from the architect, “The plot being set in Muikamachi, one of the most famous areas for its heavy snow fall, we were offered to design an adamant structure. The client is a concrete engineer and his wife in their 30s. The plot is favorably near to his hometown and this project started with their ambition toward ideal space. To solve the hardships of heavy snow fall, we adopted a RC structure on a raised-floor-style with a pilotis garage. The client offered passable pilotis which sequence to the bottom. We thus adopted a concrete structure forming like a photo-frame.

Cadre House 2

We intended to arrange the maximum surface to be touched on the street to make it easy to remove snow. The flat roof could be accessed from the exterior steps in carter to drop snow from the rooftop. The facade shapes a large frame with a cornice impressively and the court yard lies at the bottom. The visibility on the frontage being open comparatively, the scenery is framed into a square and come into the volume.

Cadre House 3

The first floor lays only a room for hobbies and an entrance while other functions cluster at the second floor. In this way, the house is safe from snow fall and receives maximum wind and sunlight. The interior features as one modern space unity with sets of furniture.”

Cadre House 4

Cadre House 5

Cadre House 6

Cadre House 7

Cadre House 8

Photography: Masao Nishikawa

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