Casa CV House By Bernd Steinhuber

Casa CV house 1

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Casa CV house 1

Casa CV house was designed by Austrian architect Bernd Steinhuber. Here is some information from the architect, “Casa CV is an artificial embankment on which a living deck is situated. Functional elements are added. A service zone which expands along the total length of the house and gives the structure a spine. Protection against insight from the northerly situated street. A transparent thermal encasing. A multifunctional, separable space for visitors. Boxes for cooking. The outdoor-table for the first coffee on a foggy morning, the sunbed, an outdoor living environment with space for at least 8 people, wooden stairs and bridges which connect the house with the premises and thematically with the lake. An outdoor shower in front of the bathroom. Take a shower naked in the vineyards.” Check out the pictures. (Photo Copyright : Bernd Steinhuber.)

Casa CV house 2

Casa CV house 3

Casa CV house 4

Casa CV house 5

Casa CV house 6

Casa CV house 7

Casa CV house 8

Casa CV house 9

Casa CV house 10

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