Colorful kindergarten in England

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Colorful kindergarten in England

Children in Buckinghamshire, England, rejoice in the newly opened kindergarten “Prestwood” with playful facade and interior. The new modern architectural unit is a multifunctional space designed to organize events and educational activities for children as well as lunch and breaks between them.

Author of the educational facility with colorful playful facade is the architectural studio “Architects De Rosee Sa”, in collaboration with the architects from “PMR”. The architectural team decided to design a concept that will be attractive and interesting to children and hence created a facade inspired by the “Grand Feast Hall” of the children’s book “Fantastic Mr Fox”. The new colorful building is named “Little Hall” with wooden planks in different colors that embrace the white facade of the building. There are many windows with different sizes playfully arranged on each side of the building and six windows on the roof which provide a large amount of natural light in the space and an opportunity for the curious children to peer into the courtyard of the kindergarten.
The interior of “Little Hall” is practical and multifunctional to accommodate the needs of children and educators. It was built with elements of light wood that give clarity and neutrality in the interior. “Little Hall” has a dual role, with its colorful and cheerful exterior it promotes creativity, while the neutral relaxed interior inspires the children.

Colorful kindergarten in England1 Colorful kindergarten in England2 Colorful kindergarten in England3Colorful kindergarten in England7 Colorful kindergarten in England8 Colorful kindergarten in England9 Colorful kindergarten in England4 Colorful kindergarten in England5 Colorful kindergarten in England6(Photo Credits: Jack Hobhouse)

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