CRAM Foundation by Hidalgo Hartmann

CRAM Foundation 1

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CRAM Foundation 1

Spanish architects Jordi Hidalgo Tane and Daniela Hartmann have designed a new facility for the CRAM Foundation, an organization dedicated to the protection of the marine species and their environment. Following is some information from the architects, “The new facilities of the CRAM Foundation are located in the oldest golf course of El Prat de Llobregat. The project incorporates part of the old facilities to create the three buildings that comprise the complex. The brand new clinical building, dedicated to the tasks of healing the turtles, dolphins and birds, is located in the existing pool area.

CRAM Foundation 2

The information and administration building is located in the former nursery and is dedicated to the dissemination of the activity of CRAM with the administration part of the whole. The building of postmortem studies of new construction, houses the autopsy program. The three buildings combine public visits to the work center, with no interference. The project seeks to balance the clinical research program and the public agenda, with the least possible means to ensure that the conditions of the activity become the key elements to defining architectural features and volume of the whole.”

CRAM Foundation 3

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