Creative house with an unusual geometric shape in New York

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Ex of in House with its unique geometric shape elicits curious glances. Located in a forest in upstate New York, this is a guest house and residence for artists, designed by the architectural studio Steven Holl Architects.

In the design of this small architectural paradise, architects creatively played with different geometric shapes and spatial opportunities. The shape of the house cherishes the relationship between architecture and nature, offering views from every corner of the interior, and thus allowing a large influx of daylight in the space. The architectural form is a kind of creative geometric experiment, using straight and circular lines.

At times the house resembles a hobbit house. The circular walls and window makes the space seem like a place from the novels of J. R. Tolkien.

The construction is made of light wood and glass, and concrete floor. They used natural materials in order to strengthen the link between this small compact object and nature. The different rooms are not divided with walls, but with differently placed elements with geometric shapes around the interior. In the center of the house are the living room and the kitchen, around which the other rooms are arranged on different levels.

The house is energy efficient and is heated by geothermal energy, and the electricity is obtained from photovoltaic cells connected with power storage system.

(Photo Credits: Paul Warchol)

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