Engawa House by Sullivan Conard Architects

Engawa House 1

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Engawa House 1

Sullivan Conard Architects have designed the Engawa House on the shores of Lake Washington. Following is some information from the architects, “Engawa House is set on the shores of Lake Washington with southerly views across the lake to Mount Rainier. The form of Engawa House consists of a series of horizontal roofs, layered one on top of another. The primary structure of the house is timber-framed in hemlock.

Natural light is an important organizational theme of the design. A central volume of space, topped by a clerestory, introduces daylight into the center of the house. The design evokes the spirit of “engawa” in the Japanese house: the sun-filled edge of dwelling that connects house to garden; inside to outside; form to spirit.”

Engawa House 2

Engawa House 3

Engawa House 4

Engawa House 5

Engawa House 6

Engawa House 7

Engawa House 8

Engawa House 9

Engawa House 10

Photographer: Benjamin Benschneider

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