House on the Marsh by A1 Architects

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House on the Marsh by A1 Architects

Czech architectural practice A1 Architects has designed a private family lodge located in the mountainous district of Jizerske in northern Bohemia. Called “House on the marsh”, the building is a family retreat hidden in the marsh and forests. The simple and traditional design of the house is a result of the strict building regulations of the local authorities that include house geometry and the use of specific color or materials to maintain the traditional vernacular architecture.

House on the Marsh by A1 Architects

The iconic tall gabled roof is repeated in long dormer window which acts as a special gathering space with splendid view of the valley. On the ground floor, there is a traditional green tile stove located at the center of the living room which heats up the whole building during the winter. It also divides the living space into several functional parts such as kitchen, dining table, seating area and firewood storage space under the stairs. The lodge has three bedrooms, one is situated in the ground floor and two are upstairs. Each bedroom has its own bathroom.

House on the Marsh Living Room by A1 Architects

The “lolling space” is a special extra space in the lodge which provides space for family members to “loll” after a whole day of cross-country skiing.

House on the Marsh Kitchen and Dining area

House on the Marsh Dining Table

House on the Marsh First Floor

House on the Marsh

House on the Marsh family gathering space

House on the Marsh by A1 Architects

House on the Marsh Dormer Window

Photography: David Maštálka, Via: ArchDaily

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