House W by dmvA

House W by dmvA 1

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House W by dmvA 1

Belgian architectural firm dmvA has designed the House W. The house is located on the countryside of Holsbeek, Belgium. The main concept of the house is the camouflage green skin of plants which neatly disguise the house among the surrounding nature. According to the architects, “Building on a marvellous location in the woods, in a hilly country as Vlaams Brabant, requires an unpretentious architecture. Architecture blending with landscape. No typical Flemish house, but an ablong living-object, transversely placed on the contour of the hill, taking over the form of the slope.”

House W by dmvA 2

House W by dmvA 3

House W by dmvA 4

House W by dmvA 5

House W by dmvA 6

House W by dmvA 7

House W by dmvA 8

Photography: Frederik Vercruysse and dmvA

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