Kafka Castle Apartment by Ricardo Bofill

Kafka Castle by Ricardo Bofill 1

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Kafka Castle by Ricardo Bofill 1

Take a look at the unique apartment complex, the Kafka Castle (in homage to Franz Kafka), designed in 1968 by Ricardo Bofill of Taller de Arquitectura in Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona, Spain. The building complex includes 90 apartments, swimming pool, sauna, bar and restaurant. Following is some information by the architects, “The interest felt by the first members of the Taller de Arquitectura for some of the ideas of the Archigram movement, together with a fascination for the form of the cube and the exploration of the possible combinations this permitted, resulted in the construction of a series of projects based around a methodology rooted in the spatial development of this combination.

Kafka Castle by Ricardo Bofill 2

Kafka Castle by Ricardo Bofill 3

The apartment block near Sitges known as El Castell (catalan for “castle”, in homage to Franz Kafka) was one of the first examples of this experimentation with vertical development. Without plans, simply with the equation of vertical growth in mind, the cubes were constructed around a sequence of stairs wells. Each cube contains one space (living room-dining room or bathroom-bedroom) divided by a change in level. One side of each cube connects with the central core of the stair well.”

Kafka Castle by Ricardo Bofill 4

Kafka Castle by Ricardo Bofill 5

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