Kiti House by mihadesign

Kiti House 1

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Kiti House 1

Japanese architectural firm mihadesign has constructed the Kiti House in Kamakura, Japan for a married couple with 2 children. The heptagonal shaped house has a volume of 2.5 layers. The ground floor has a kitchen, a living/dining area and a workshop connected to the door. On the first floor there is a workspace, a low-ceiling storage space and a Japanese style multipurpose room which also serves as a guest bedroom.

The private rooms like bedroom and children space are located on the next level. Take a look at the pictures.

Kiti House 2

Kiti House 3

Kiti House 4

Kiti House 5

Kiti House 6

Kiti House 7

Kiti House 8

Photography: Shinkenchiku-sha Via: ArchDaily

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