LandyM House by andOFFICE

LandyM House by andOFFICE 1

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LandyM House by andOFFICE 1

German architectural firm andOFFICE has designed LandyM house in Lorrach, Germany. The main concept of the single family home is an innovative spatial organization, sophisticated outside areas and high flexibility with options for future plans. Following is some information by the architects, “The 1st floors flexible open plan enables the inhabitant’s future plans. Up to 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms can be arranged individually and guarantee supporting structures minimized by setting a suitable for every section of life. The fully-insulated basement reservations with two additional bedrooms comfortable light well.

The high quality cladding is built in solid wood construction and excellent insulation and wood fiber therefore consists of renewable resources. The triple glazed windows with combination in wood-aluminum construction leads to a low demand of thermal heat. An excellent interior climate is airtight to the general by the permeable wall construction interior that enables complete with an easy on the services clients own account. Thermal energy is mainly served by a wood stove with vision panel and storage unit. It is the traditional family center in the living area. Heat-recovery ventilation, solar collector and use of rain water and ecological complete the simple aware concept.

LandyM House by andOFFICE 3

Simplicity in terms of continued is areas: supporting elements are as visible interior surfaces used: the ground floor is covered with waxed floor screed, prefabricated concrete stairways in contrast to wooden walls uncovered with a single industrial finishing. Significant oak boards and furniture as well as slick white plastered walls generate annually exciting interplay of traditional and innovative materials.”

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