Ma House by Yosuke Ichii

Ma House 1

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Ma House 1

Japanese architect Yosuke Ichii has designed the Ma House in the southwest of Himeji, Hyōgo. The design of the small two-story house features traditional construction method using wooden structure. The unique feature of the house is the use of all wooden flooring and cool white color for the walls and ceiling. The ground floor is a combination of living room and kitchen and has a large kitchen island which also serves as dining table. The living area has a large glass opening (front side of the building) which provides ample light and air circulation.

Ma House 2

A wooden barricade/gate is used in front of the house for privacy. The ground floor also has a compact and modern bathroom with clear views of the sky. The first floor has bedrooms and other activity areas which are divided by traditional sliding doors.

Ma House 3

Ma House 4

Ma House 5

Ma House 6

Ma House 7

Ma House 8

Ma House 9

Ma House 10

Ma House 11

Ma House 12

Photography: Takumi

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