Marine Research Center In Bali – A Concept Architecture

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An International design competition was held recently to design a marine research center in Bali, Indonesia. This competition gave design firm Solus4 an opportunity to study and architecturally interpret the structure of tsunami waves. This center is sought to address the need for tsunami research and preparation in response to the devastation caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. So they chose architecturally and conceptually to conceive a 2,500 square meter eco-friendly marine research center on the water where scientists could study, research and interpret the development and forces of tsunami waves. Take a look.

This research center is located 100 meters away from shore of Kuta Beach, Bali. The program is composed of three main components: public, semipublic and private. The proposed building includes underwater labs, scientist bedrooms and aquatic garden to sea water pool, swimming pool terrace, bar and an auditorium.

The project is intended to be wholly energy efficient. The close to shore location allows for current generation from tidal wave power. Rain water collection and sea water conversion systems take care of the domestic water requirements. The sea water is circulated through the skin of the building for radiant cooling and temperature control of the structure.

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