Marinha Grande Swimming Pools

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The urban fabric of the site and its surroundings extends into the competition plot in order to give a stronger urban character to the neighborhood and create a seamless connection with the city. This grid and the different building volumes are then deformed to obtain an organic and fluid design which ultimately acts as an urban attractor for the area – AGi Architects.

The grid converges into a new central square that is elevated from the street level. It becomes a meeting space and a reception with a café, from which one descends into the pool complex by means of a spiral ramp taking the whole center of the square. The gentle slope of the ramps allows overlooking all internal activities without interfering with their respective various uses.

Illumination and exterior ambiance

The pools are illuminated by side windows located at high level and oriented towards the central square.
At street level, the buildi
ng presents a more enclosed character; with only colored glass incrustations perforating its concrete skin. Each of the four swimming pools is then lit with its own color, to gain its individual identity. This effect will not only break the monotony throughout this extensive complex, but rather will act as an orientation tool for the end users. Each pool and activity will be clearly identified by means of different colors and ambiance.

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