Mesmerizing cathedral made of living trees

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Giuliano-Mauri-2People who breathe life into their work are rare. Italian artist Giuliano Mauri created an amazing breathing cathedral. “Cattedrale Vegetale” is a proof that human architecture should not oppose nature, on the contrary – they should complement each other.

This cathedral gets its structure from 42 columns, formed by weaving more than 600 chestnut and hazel branches around 1,800 fir tree poles, the branches curving at the top to form the arches. The framework columns will eventually rot and the trees will outgrow the structure, creating a completely natural wall and roof. It’s typically gothic, yet it is unlike any other cathedral.

Unfortunately Mauri passed away in 2009 and did not live to see his wonderful piece of art. But his work will never be completed and will constantly change with the seasons.

cattedrale_ Giacomo Bianchi(Photo Credits: Giacomo Bianchi)

Mesmerizing_breathing_cathedral(Photo Credits: Ettore Galata Rizzardini)

Mesmerizing_breathing_cathedral1(Photo Credits: ARTE SELLA)

Mesmerizing_breathing_cathedral2(Photo Credits: Pierangelo Zavatarelli)

Mesmerizing_breathing_cathedral4(Photo Credits: Giuliano Mauri)Mesmerizing_breathing_cathedral5(Photo Credits: Michele Salmaso)

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