Metal Tiles Designed By Karim Rashid For ALLOY

Karim Rashid for ALLOY

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Karim Rashid for ALLOY

The Karim for ALLOY is a series of metal tiles designed by Karim Rashid for the Australian manufacturer ALLOY. In Karim Rashid’s words, “I have always been obsessed with patterns. Working with ALLOY has given me a great opportunity to play with the idea of pattern, grid, and repetition. A pattern is a way of giving richness and depth to our Cartesian landscape. The more diversity of line, shape, and composition, the more interesting a single cell is. The undulating, curvilinear forms give a 2-dimensional surface a sense of 3-dimensions. These elements repeat in a predictable manner but they are designed to contradict the square tile. This collection for ALLOY is organic in shape because I believe that the world needs a softening and a more fluid human spirit.”

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